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Pool surfaces can deteriorate, get soiled, or crack with time, affecting the pool’s overall aesthetic and safety. At Mobile Pool Doctor, we specialise in pool resurfacing, giving your pool a new lease on life and restoring its aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Why Do You Want a Resurfaced Pool?

Enhanced Aesthetics:

Pool resurfacing can drastically change your pool’s appearance, giving it a new, inviting appeal. To suit your preferred style, choose from a selection of materials and finishes.

Enhanced Safety:

Swimming pool surfaces that are cracked or abrasive might put swimmers at risk. Resurfacing eliminates these dangers and leaves a surface that is slip-resistant and smooth.

Increased Durability:

A new pool surface extends the life of your pool and increases durability. A professionally resurfaced pool can survive for many years with proper care, sparing you from future expensive repairs.

Better Water Quality:

Deteriorating pool surfaces can harbour bacteria and algae, which can lower the water’s quality. Better water sanitation is encouraged by the clean, non-porous surface created by pool resurfacing.

Process for Resurfacing Your Pool:

Evaluation and consultation:

Our knowledgeable professionals will evaluate the state of your pool and consult with you on the best resurfacing choices. To provide the best material and finish recommendations, we consider your tastes, financial situation, and pool usage.

Surface Preparation:

Prior to resurfacing, we clean, clear away debris, and fix any existing damage to the pool surface. This guarantees a seamless and durable resurfacing outcome.

Resurfacing Application:

To apply the selected pool surface finish, we make use of premium components and cutting-edge methods. Our knowledgeable crew guarantees a smooth and expert resurfacing service.

Final touches:

Following the completion of the resurfacing, we carry out a careful examination to make sure everything complies with our high standards. Your pool area is left tidy and prepared for your enjoyment.