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At Mobile Pool Doctor, we take pleasure in offering excellent pool upkeep and repair services to make sure your pool runs at its peak efficiency. Our devoted team of qualified professionals offers excellent solutions to maintain your pool water sparkling clear and appealing all year long. We specialise in pool filter and pump servicing and repairs.

The Value of Maintaining Pool Pumps and Filters:

The pump and filter in your pool are crucial parts of keeping the water clean and safe for swimming. While the pool pump makes sure that the water circulates effectively, assisting in efficient filtration and distribution of pool chemicals, the pool filter is in charge of eliminating debris, dirt, and toxins from the water.

Regular maintenance of these crucial components is vital to:

Optimal Water Quality:

A well-maintained filter and pump system guarantee that your pool water is free from impurities, ensuring a safe and enjoyable swimming experience for everyone.

Equipment Durability:

By taking care of small problems right away and performing regular maintenance, our specialists help extend the life of your pool filter and pump, saving you money on future replacement costs.

Energy Efficiency:

A properly functioning pool pump consumes less energy, contributing to reduced energy bills and a more eco-friendly pool operation.

Our Comprehensive Pool Filter and Pump Services:

Professional Inspections:

Our experienced technicians will conduct in-depth examinations of your pool filter and pump to spot any wear, leaks, or efficiency issues that need to be fixed.

Thorough cleaning:

Debris and impurities can accumulate in the pool pump and filter over time, affecting how well they work. To get back to its best performance, we’ll thoroughly clean everything.


Repairs and replacements:

In the event that we come across any problems while conducting our inspections, our specialists are prepared to undertake repairs utilising outstanding replacement parts. We make sure that your equipment is repaired to the highest standard possible.